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Why Choose Evergreen Health Management?

An outside management company must bring a comprehensive team of true experts in all areas of behavioral health to deliver the results, which are envisioned by any healthcare facility.

Evergreen Health Management has a proven track record of producing successful programs with our management company; the top experts you meet in the pre-opening phase of development are also the individuals who continue to serve you over the life of our partnership. One of our core values is to truly serve the hospital that engages us.

We want you to know that if the proposed program truly makes sense for your facility and the communities it serves, we at Evergreen Health Management want to be the management company you choose. We will work diligently for you now and throughout our association.

Who We Are

Evergreen Health Management has assembled a unique, experienced and accomplished team of behavioral healthcare leaders to provide contract management and consulting services.

As a mission driven organization, we truly serve your hospital’s needs and offer extremely flexible arrangements to meet those needs. We understand the culture of healthcare today and the duty to provide a predictable economic return. Simply stated, we only provide services when we can meet the clinical needs of your patients and the financial needs of your hospital.

Our key managers, who will be involved in serving your hopital have over 100 years of experience in behavioral healthcare. This includes serving all age groups and demographics, providing diagnosis and multiple levels of care (inpatient, day patient, intensive outpatient and outpatient).

We are also experienced in “niche” program opportunities such as employee assistance programs, federal parolee chemical dependency treatment, medical services organizations, drug testing/review services and return to duty case management , psychiatric home health, mental health rehabilitation and medical/psychiatric units.

Each of our key executives, who will be involved with your hospital, has a track record of being associated with growing, financially successful and clinically effective psychiatric programs, even when the market has been doing otherwise.

Our management team has an impressive list of educational/experiential credentials and receives ongoing training.

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